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About Kevin Keane

Kevin KeaneKevin Keane is a freelance graphic artist 
focusing primarily on print publications. Originally 
he started in newspapers and has moved up the 
paper grade. Working for Prentice Hall, he 
designed numerous chapters for high school 
history and science textbooks (sorry kids).

For the last eight years, he has run his own 
publication design shop, called Genius Pool. 
In his spare time – often just a distant memory – he prefers to be in his kayak, navigating Class 4 whitewater. He and his wife, Eileen, live in Needham with their three children. 

One bit of Keane trivia worth sharing: a piece of his artwork is in the 
Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington, DC.

Email Kevin here or give him a call at 617-775-7940.