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Stephen Potter and Greg Keane, owners of DeathWish Piano Movers

Since 1971 Deathwish Piano Movers have been moving the biggest and heaviest of Boston’s finest pianos. With care and precision, Spinnets to concert grands are expertly moved from some of the areas highest and tightest locations (ever heard of Boston’s North End?).

It takes a strong man to be gentle, so leave it to us to baby your 800 lb grand piano.

Moving Pianos is only the tip of the iceberg-Death Wish has developed the reputation for being the company to call when no one else can do it.

This can mean moving anything from a double door Sub-Zero up flights of stairs to a statue moved into a museum.

Hoisting a hot tub over a house

Moving a 150 year old safe out of a basement

-All just part of a ‘normal’ day of work for us!
Call us if you are stuck in a spot, solving problems is what we are all about.

We are well-trained and fully-insured, and we can provide short and long term storage.