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DeathWish Piano Movers Services: Craning, Large Piece Furniture Movers, Piano Moving

Piano Moving

With great care we dismantle pianos, pad them, strap them to a piano board and move them to their new homes. Levers, dollies, ramps, and hydraulic tailgates are some of the tools we use to ensure a perfect move.


Craning and hoisting is the intelligent way around narrow stairs and impossible-to-navigate hallways. Air is easier than stairs, and craning directly into a room many floors up, allows us to place oversized furniture, armoires, pianos, and other large pieces where only card tables and bar stools could reach before. And how do we get all this inside after craning it? Through the window! (Perhaps this is the point we should mention that we are also experts at window removal – and re-installation).

Other Large Pieces

Very often furniture companies cannot make deliveries of oversized pieces because of unanticipated obstacles such as a tight turn in the staircase. Call us or send us an email . We can help!